Grant & Baylee love story

Your Happily Ever After

One of our favorite parts about creating engagement rings is receiving client photos and reading their love stories. Behind each Zen Moissanite ring is a beautiful & unique love story that we are so grateful to be a part of. Celebrating milestones with our clients is such an honor, and is a significant source of motivation in the work that we do. We pride ourselves for working closely with our clients to provide a collaborative and stress-free experience and for bringing their vision to life (and their dream ring to their finger)! We hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials as much as we did!

Our Love Story

We met back in 2014 through a mutual friend during my grade 10 year of highschool while he was in grade 11. 

We quickly became friends and inseparable throughout our highschool years and 10 years later we are still together and decided to take the next step on the year of our 10th anniversary.
Grant & Baylee love story

Grant & Baylee love story

The Proposal

We went to sun peaks mountain ski resort for the weekend with his brother and girlfriend and the night we got there we were over looking our view on the balcony about to pop a champagne to kick off the weekend when i turned around and he was on one knee! 
Grant & Baylee love story

How did you decide on a Zen Moissanite piece?

Absolutely obsessed with my ring. I get atleast 2-3 compliments a day on it. It fits perfectly and is beautiful i couldnt have found a better ring. My coworker recommended the site to me. Great buying experience would buy from this company again for sure. I recommend all the ladies to check out the site when they see my ring! 

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Harley - Round

  • Baylee's ring features a 9mm (3cte) H&A round Harley in 14k rose gold, size 5.5

Harley - Round
Grant & baylee love story



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