Josh and Taylor love story

Your Happily Ever After

One of our favorite parts about creating engagement rings is receiving client photos and reading their love stories. Behind each Zen Moissanite ring is a beautiful & unique love story that we are so grateful to be a part of. Celebrating milestones with our clients is such an honor, and is a significant source of motivation in the work that we do. We pride ourselves for working closely with our clients to provide a collaborative and stress-free experience and for bringing their vision to life (and their dream ring to their finger)! We hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials as much as we did!

Our Love Story

Josh and I met in the early summer of 2020 (thank you bumble!). Josh only planned on being in my home city for a month until we met - he instantly knew that I was the one. That summer was full of our favourite things - the mountains, family, friends and the lake. We are always up for an adventure and find ourselves always doing something outside on our weekends off. We truly are each other’s best friend.

Josh & Taylor
Josh and Taylor love story

Josh and Taylor love story

The proposal

June 24th, 2021. Josh and I were vacationing in the Canadian Rockies (Banff + Canmore). He had planned this 2 months in advance to keep in mind. The previous year we had stopped at the parking lot with a hike called ‘Taylor Lake’. We had joked that it was MY lake. When we were back in Alberta the following year Josh persisted on doing the hike. So, the morning of the proposal we woke up to rain dripping on our tent and it was a cozy cold morning. Little did I know, Josh was in contact with his friend Mason (@masonneufeldphotography) making sure that she would be at the top of the hike to photograph the moment he proposed.
Josh and Taylor love story

The hike was beautiful and the perfect difficulty for us. It was a 6km hike up full of streams, inclines and even snow! By the time we got to the top, it was fields full of water and mossy so we ended up finishing it almost barefoot. When we reached the opening in the trees there were some picnic tables where a girl sat, head to toe covered (as it was chilly). We said our hellos and walked down to the viewpoint on the water over looking the mountain valley. Josh prompted me to go take some pictures. As I finish taking some photos I turn around and there Josh comes, walking towards me with a box in hand and before I knew it, he was down on one knee. As most girls would say, I totally cannot recall what he said to me in those few moments. I just remember shaking my head and wiping my tears to give Josh a huge smooch.

It was truly magical. Josh set the bar VERY high.
Josh and Taylor love story

How did you decide on a Zen Moissanite piece?

Because our relationship moved very quickly (engaged after a year of meeting) I was always sending Josh Zen’s Instagram pictures of my dream rings. It was either the Harley or the Jasmine (ovals are the way to my heart). Slowly but surly, Josh got the hint and knew that’s where he would someday purchase THE ring from. Josh did plenty of research on the difference between lab created and moissanite. 

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Jasmine - Oval

  • Taylor's ring features an 8x6mm (1.75cte) oval brilliant Jasmine ring in 14k yellow gold, size 5.

Jasmine Oval ring
Josh and Taylor love story


Tessa Nicholson & Mason Neufeld

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