Anna and Kayla love story

Your Happily Ever After

One of our favorite parts about creating engagement rings is receiving client photos and reading their love stories. Behind each Zen Moissanite ring is a beautiful & unique love story that we are so grateful to be a part of. Celebrating milestones with our clients is such an honor, and is a significant source of motivation in the work that we do. We pride ourselves for working closely with our clients to provide a collaborative and stress-free experience and for bringing their vision to life (and their dream ring to their finger)! We hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials as much as we did!

Our Love Story

We met through Instagram actually, I messaged Anna with an out-of-the-blue DM in 2020 which eventually led to Anna sending flowers to my home with a card asking me to be her girlfriend. Fast forward a couple more months (and many texts/FaceTime calls) and we finally had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time. I flew to visit her in Latvia in the summer of 2021, and we spent a month getting to know each other without a screen between us. Saying goodbye felt impossible at the time, but by Christmas that same year she was on a flight to my side of the pond. That visit got extended multiple times, and after a short trip back home to grab more of her things, Anna flew back to Canada and we’ve been building our life over here ever since!

Not to be too cheesy, but I’d known since the day Anna messaged me back that I wanted to create a life with her. So far, it’s been nothing short of amazing and I’m so excited for our future. She had beat me to asking her to be my girlfriend, so I was pretty determined to propose first (which I did). Her proposal to me though was such a surprise, even though we’d agreed that we’d both like to propose. She kept her plans a secret and I had zero clue as to what she had in store. I had booked the photoshoot as an engagement shoot for us since I’d proposed to her in the spring but I had no idea that she’d been making plans with our photographer Kadie to surprise me with the sweetest proposal that afternoon. It was so fun and perfect and I love that we can look back on those pictures and relive such an important moment in our story.

Anna & Kayla
Anna and Kayla love story

Anna and Kayla love story

How did you decide on a Zen Moissanite piece?

I knew that I wanted something conflict-free and Canadian-made, but I also wanted something a little different without compromising on the durability of a diamond. I’d discovered moissanite a while ago and it checked all the boxes…so I knew I wanted to look in that direction when the time came to seriously shop around. Zen Moissanite came up one day and their Veronica ring was instantly my favourite, it was and is the perfect solitaire that doesn’t stand crazy far off your finger. Once I discovered they were Canadian-based, I was sold!   

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Veronica - Elongated Cushion

  • Kayla's ring features an 8x6mm (1.75cte) brilliant elongated cushion Veronica ring in 14k rose gold, size 4.25. 

Veronica - Elongated Cushion
Anna and Kayla love story



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