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How Long Will My Zen Moissanite Order Take?

We know good things take time.

That’s why we prioritize quality craftsmanship in every piece of Zen Moissanite jewelry. Each handcrafted design is made to order after purchase and brought to life through our custom fabrication process.

Since creating each detail of your custom design takes time, it’s important to consider the production timeline before planning your proposal. Although our standard production time frame takes 6-8 weeks from the order date for completion, there are variables to consider that may increase this timeline when ordering your custom engagement ring.

Regardless of the design (custom vs standard listing), we strive to create one-of-a-kind rings that shine from start to finish. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom process and production timeline, keep scrolling!

Lead time at a glance

Ordering A Listed Design 

Our standard production timeline on listed rings is 6-8 weeks from the order date + shipping. Listed designs include rings, bands, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces listed on our website. These are popular and frequently purchased/produced designs that each team member (including our designers, gem cutters, and goldsmiths) are familiar with. All standard listings are made to order and can be created with or without customizations. With so many options to choose from, customization possibilities on listed ring designs truly are endless. Any customizations on standard listings should be considered in the production timeline and discussed with the Zen Moissanite customer care team ideally before purchase. That being said, changes and customizations are possible until the CAD (computer design) is approved.

Listed Designs (Without Customizations)

Purchasing a listed design with no added customizations (especially popular designs featuring popular stone shapes/facet patterns/sizes) are usually the fastest rings to produce. While ordering from our selection of standard listings can shorten the production time frame, we ask clients to allow up to 8 weeks for production as all Zen Moissanite purchases are made to order. Take note, that if multiple revisions are required on the CAD design, this will extend the production timeline. If a faster turnaround time is required on a standard listing, please refer to our expedited order process for more information.

Listed Designs (With Customizations)

Although producing listed designs with added customizations take on average the same amount of time as those without, keep in mind that some requests require more time to plan and incorporate into a design. Please note that the planning phase (recommendation, communication, and review time between the client, customer care staff, and production team) is not accounted for in our standard timeline. Since all consultations/recommendations take time, please consider the consultation process when planning ahead for your proposal. Additionally, we know from experience that adding customizations to standard listings can require CAD revisions which will increase the production timeline. The CAD's purpose is to help clients visualize their ring from all angles, review if the specs are suitable to them, and determine if the drawing represents their vision before we proceed with our work. Sometimes, adding or removing certain features sound great in theory, but in practice, could lead to you changing your mind (and your design!). We strive to be transparent through each stage of the custom process, so you can be sure you’re receiving a ring that’s right for you.

Ordering A Custom (Non-Listed) Design 

The standard production timeline on all custom non-listed ring designs (in best case scenario), is 6-8 weeks from the order date + shipping. Keep in mind that the production timeline is dependent on the CAD approval, and that CAD revisions are not considered in this time frame. As such, please expect an extended production timeline if one or multiple CAD revisions are requested. We’d like to mention that it’s common for custom designs to require multiple revisions, which can add weeks to the production timeline. Since each design is made to order, and unique customizations take time/consideration, communicating with our customer care team is an important part of the production process. Once your order is placed and all the key decisions have been made, we aim to make this process as easy as possible for you. If you’d like to learn more about our customization options, contact us and our team will help you bring your vision to life

The Custom Process

01. Consultation

01. Consultation

(On average 1-2 weeks before purchase, although some clients begin this process months in advance to finalize each detail) 

Start by envisioning your dream design. Share your inspiration with Zen Moissanite jewelry experts who will guide you through the process of designing your custom piece. At this stage, our team will suggest design details and customizations based on your preferences and prepare simple mock up designs.
02. Design

02. Design

(Approximately 7-14 days from the order date)

During the design process, each client receives a CAD (computer design) of their jewelry for review and approval. Each detail is expertly drawn and rendered to perfection. As mentioned, keep in mind that if multiple revisions are required to the CAD design, this will extend the production timeline.
03. Production

03. Production

(Upon CAD approval which is typically 2-3 weeks from the order date)

Once you have decided on your dream ring, our expert gem cutters and goldsmiths utilize the highest quality of moissanite gemstones and fine metals to bring your dreams to life through our custom fabrication process.   
04. Completion

04. Completion

(If all other steps were on track, 6-8 weeks from the order date. If previous steps were delayed 8+ weeks) 

We prioritize your happily ever after so you can be confident when popping the big question! At this step, the production of your custom engagement ring is now complete. Our customer care staff will share photos and tracking information before you receive the final ring and put your plan into action.  

In Stock

In stock designs are ready to order and ship without customizations. Ready to order designs are delivered in 3-5 business days (for orders in North America, may take longer in some areas of the world). If the ring requires resizing, please account for an additional 3-4 weeks resizing time. However, if no resizing is selected, the ring is shipped (in the featured size) out in the next 1-2 business days. Choosing an in-stock design means you will receive a quality ring in a shorter production time frame. To find out if this is the right fit for you, browse our dazzling selection of ready to ship designs!

Loose Stones

When ordering a loose stone, it’s important to consider the size, shape, and cut of moissanite. Since each gemstone is grown, hand selected and cut to perfection after purchase, the production timeline for your custom loose stone takes approximately 3-4 weeks from the order date for completion.

Payment Plan Timeline

We know that designing your dream ring takes time. That’s why we give you the choice to pay for your order upfront or start a layaway payment plan. We believe in offering payment flexibility, no matter your financial situation. All payment plans are done in house and have no interest or time limit. They’re set up through a PayPal invoice that allows you to make partial payments (you decide how much and when to do them), so you’re fully in control and can customize a timeline that suits you and your budget.

- Once we have received 50% of the full amount, we start the work (create the CAD, cut the stones, cast the ring).
- Once we have received 100% of the payment (and the ring is ready), we ship it out. As with all other orders, they are non-cancellable.
- Once the ring is ready, and we have received 100% of the payment, we use complimentary express shipping to send the ring to you.

Payment plan timelines are 6-8 weeks + and are dependent on full payment. Since you contribute the amount of your choice at the time of your choice, the ring could be produced as fast as 6-8 weeks or different steps of production could span over the course of months. It's completely up to you! We’d like to mention that taxes aren’t applied to international orders, so purchases may incur additional duties and taxes upon crossing your country’s border. Please refer to our shipping timeline for further information about international shipping. 

Repairs, Maintenance, and Resizing

All resizing, maintenance, and repairs require 4-5 weeks to complete once we receive the ring. If the repair is a complete remake, then more time may be required. If you have any questions regarding repairs, or need your to have your ring resized, please reach out to the Zen Moissanite care team for additional information.

Shipping Timeline

We offer complimentary express shipping on all Zen Moissanite orders. Please allow 2-4 business days for orders in North America, and 5+ business days on all international orders (outside of North America, including Hawaii or remote locations). Although we try our best to deliver the ring to you as fast as possible, shipping delays are circumstances out of our control. We suggest taking weekends, holidays, and peak seasons into account in the shipping timeline.

International Orders

Allow 5+ business days for shipping on all international orders. Keep in mind that international orders are subject to duties, taxes, and import fees upon crossing their country’s border. To avoid delays, we recommend paying the courier service as soon as you are contacted (either by phone or email) prior to delivery to arrange payment or provide the requested information, as Zen Moissanite is not responsible for any delays due to custom charges. It’s best to check with your local customs office to determine what the additional charges may be, and to keep an eye out for calls or emails from our courier in your spam inbox to ensure you can coordinate customs clearance in a timely manner. Planning ahead can help prevent custom delays that may increase the shipping timeline on international orders.

How to Plan Ahead

Much like planning for your once in a lifetime proposal, it’s important to plan ahead when designing your custom engagement ring. We strongly recommend you start considering custom options, shipping timeline, and any necessary revisions, at least 10 weeks before the date you wish to propose. This will give you some wiggle room to account for any variables and delays that may occur in the timeline of your order. We’ve put together some helpful tips and things to consider when planning for your moissanite engagement ring.

Things to consider

Understanding the timeline of your proposal is crucial when purchasing your custom design. For example, some customizations (stone color, size, shape, and jewelry setting) require more time to produce than traditional designs. Since your timeline will be extended if you require multiple revisions to the CAD design, it’s essential to leave enough room for production time. Variables that can extend the timeline include: holidays, weekends, COVID (reduced capacity, delays), shipping delays, and unforeseen circumstances. While delays can occur, we strive to produce quality rings in an efficient and dedicated timeframe. We highly recommend receiving the ring before planning a trip, booking a photographer, or making any concrete and expensive plans. Giving yourself adequate time before planning your proposal ensures that you will have the ring in hand before popping that big question to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Expediting Your Order

Every piece of Zen Moissanite jewelry is carefully handcrafted and made to order after purchase. Although it is possible to complete some orders faster than our standard production timeline (approximately 6-8 weeks from the order date), we encourage you to allow adequate time for your order to be completed,inspected and delivered. Our orders are processed and completed on a first come, first serve basis. That being said, we understand that certain circumstances may lead to wanting an order in a shorter turnaround time. If you require an expedited service and aim for a production timeline under 6-8 weeks, we offer Order Prioritization for a fee of 250 CAD. This fee includes placing your order ahead of others placed before yours, cutting the stone in advance (upon placing the order), starting production as soon as the CAD is approved, and shipping your order using expedited shipping (typically 1-2 business days depending on your location). Keep in mind that if you require multiple revisions to your CAD design, this can extend the production time frame. Opting for Order Prioritization should be discussed prior to placing your order to allow our team to determine if the timeline is feasible and to organize all components to ensure this accelerated process is a success. A deadline will be agreed upon by the client and customer care team before the fee is applied.

Opting and paying for Order Prioritization does not guarantee that we will meet your deadline. This fee guarantees that your order will be fast tracked as much as possible, while ensuring quality craftsmanship. Once the Order Prioritization fee is applied, your purchase will be ranked by delivery date and marked as urgent in the production timeline. All rush orders must be requested and approved before ordering. Please communicate with our team to set your order as a priority and provide your desired deadline. Our team will inform you if the deadline is feasible and work to prioritize your purchase as much as possible. As always, we work hard to provide clients with efficient service. If you require an expedited order, please inquire with us at

In the event that you have already placed your order and would like your order prioritized mid-way through production, please contact our customer care team as soon as possible to evaluate the likelihood of fast tracking the order and discuss the applicable fees.

Alternatively, for client’s looking to meet a faster deadline, we recommend browsing our selection of in-stock designs. The benefits of the ready to purchase rings are their classic features and ability to be shipped in 3-4 business days (for orders in North America, may take longer in some areas of the world).

Final Words

Each piece of Zen Moissanite jewelry is handcrafted with expert care and attention to detail. Since quality products take time, we ask that you consider the production timeline before placing your custom order. Whether you’re choosing from a standard listing, or creating a (non-listed) custom design, we’re here to guide you through each stage of the production process. As always, we strive to make this experience as simple, stress free, and efficient as possible. If you have any questions regarding our production timeline or to start creating your own dream ring, please contact us!

Terms and Conditions

Please consult our Terms and Conditions page for additional details.