About our Founder

Welcome to Zen Moissanite!

A wee little side business that started back in 2017 and grew into the recognized brand it is today.


First, let me introduce myself,

My name is Jennifer, I was born and raised just outside of Ottawa, Canada and have always loved creating - either through crafts or with food. 

You could say I'm a creative with an analytic mind. I studied at Telfer business school of management in Ottawa and moved on to working at the Federal Government. In 2013, me and my highschool crush started dating again and by 2016 I was ready to get a ring on my finger! I came across moissanite at the time and thought it was the perfect gemstone for me since it is ethically sourced. It also meant I could get the larger stone I truly wanted without breaking the bank. At the time, I couldn’t find the exact right ring for me, but I knew I was onto something.

My fascination for the gem jump started the idea of starting a business of my own!

Jennifer Family

Zen Moissanite was solely a loose moissanite stone seller to customers and jewelers alike, and quickly evolved into a jewelry business once we found bench jewelers whose work was on par with our standards. What started as a side venture while I still worked full time at my government job quickly took a life of its own. 

From the very beginning of offering ring designs, our followers appreciated the craftsmanship and attention to detail we bring to every design. Each ring is created with the motto that we would personally wear the piece, for the rest of our lives. We also strive to break the mould the diamond industry created and always offer the best price on our items, all year round. We don’t believe in over-inflating our products, just so we can offer a bi-annual sale. Our clients know they can always purchase our products, without the fear of missing out on a scam-sale just around the corner. 

While welcoming two human babies to my little family since 2018, my metaphorical baby has been blossoming into something I never thought was possible. The love and support we receive is always so overwhelming and so humbling. After my first maternity leave in May of 2020, I just knew I had to go into this full time and ditch those golden handcuffs (goodbye pension and benefits)!

moissanite engagement ring

There has been no turning back since.

I hired our first part-time employee in October 2020 (hi Mel!) who just recently transitioned to a full-time position in May 2021. She’s currently leading our online presence and customer care. In December of 2020, while 6 months pregnant, I was having a hard time keeping up! We made the decision that my fiancé Max (remember that high school crush?) would take some leave from his Sheriff position and stay at home to help me care for our toddler and run this thing. He has been the best stay at home dad and packaging magician ever since! We have also recently expanded our team with Emilie who keeps everyone in check, and handles client management.

Some will say I waited too long before hiring these gems (see what I did there?), but I’ll say I was waiting for the right people to come my way. It’s not easy delegating and trusting others to handle and care for parts of your baby, but it was so so so needed.