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The moissanite gemstone  promises forever with remarkable durability.


Find your dream engagement ring without compromising your budget with the affordable luxury of the moissanite gemstone. 


Shine brighter than a diamond with the impeccable brilliance of the moissanite gemstone. 


Make the modern romance impactful with a conflict free and ethically sourced diamond alternative. 


History of moissanite

Moissanite has earned a lot of attention in the recent years, but has been around for much longer than that. It was first discovered by a man named Moissan in 1893, in a meteor crater of all places! Natural occurring moissanite is extremely rare for that exact reason, it can only be found in very limited and specific locations. As such, all premium moissanites on the market are lab-created.

Conflict-Free, Eco-friendly & Completely Sustainable

Conflict-Free, Eco-friendly & Completely Sustainable

You will often hear us mention that our gems are conflict-free, eco-friendly and entirely sustainable for this exact reason, it is lab-grown and created. This means the Earth and its inhabitants were not harmed or disrespected through the production of the gem, which is very important to us.

Moissanite vs Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond

Zen Moissanites are premium moissanites made from silicon carbide - 4H crystalline polytype version, like all other premium moissanites on the market. This means that chemically, it is very different from a diamond, but resembles it so much which is why it has become such a leading option for engagement jewelry in the past few years.

Moissanites are often compared to a diamond because diamonds have been the go-to option for engagement jewelry and any heirloom pieces due to their leading durability. This is achievable since a diamond’s hardness is a 10 on the Mohs scale (highest possible). The second gemstone on that list are moissanites, coming in at a 9.25, which means you can wear it every day for the rest of your life.

In terms of reflection of light (flashes), moissanites actually beat diamonds in two ways. Through its brilliance (2.65 vs a 2.42) that can be seen as white flashes of light as well as through its fire (0.104 vs 0.044) that can be seen as rainbow flashes of light.

One final category in which moissanites are often compared to diamonds are their price tag. Moissanite introduce a way to have the ring of your dreams, without having to break the bank! For example, for the same amount of carats, a diamond will cost you between 15 to 25 times the cost of an equivalent sized moissanite.


What You Can Expect

On top of everything you have read above, one last note on our gemstones.  Our stones come in complete colorless (EF range) unless you want it otherwise! Our moissanites also come in a clarity rating between VVS1 and VVS2.

Last but not least, one of our leading service is offering custom moissanites and fine jewelry. This means that if you do not see the exact size or cut of moissanite you’d be interested in, simply send us a message and we can create it for you! Don’t see your exact size listed? That’s also not an issue!

Looking for a custom ring or piece of jewelry started, again, simply contact us and we’ll take it from there.

Since all of our stones are cut to order, you can expect your order to take 3-4 weeks to get to you. For custom jewelry, we aim to have it completed within a 6-8 weeks timeframe. Timeframes may increase without notice during peak seasons or due to other circumstances.

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What You Can Expect