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Discover sustainable, conflict-free, and brilliant moissanite engagement rings. Free shipping worldwide on all orders. 

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What is the lead time?

As each ring is made to order, our standard production process takes approximately 8 weeks from the order date for completion, plus shipping timeframes. Please keep in mind that we strongly advise clients to wait until they have a confirmed delivery date or better yet, have the ring in hand to make concrete plans for their engagement (such as booking travel, photographers, venues, etc.) especially when deposits are required. 

Since there are multiple factors that go into producing made to order designs, please refer to our production timeline guide for further information. If you have a specific timeline in mind, or any questions regarding our production time frame, please contact us.

What brand of moissanite do you use?

We exclusively use our own brand of moissanite, known as Zen Moissanite, for our rings. It’s important to note that we do not source moissanite gems from Charles & Colvard/Forever One Moissanite, Harro Gem, or any other third-party. There’s more info about our Moissanite here:

What is the quality of your moissanite?

We offer premium quality ZM moissanite gems in the DEF colour range and VVS1/VVS2 clarity. Each gem is cut to order, inspected for quality, and guaranteed by our Lifetime Moissanite Warranty

How is moissanite measured? Is it weighed in ct like diamonds are? 

Moissanites are measured in mm and not weighed in carat (ct) weight like diamonds. As moissanites weigh about 10% less than diamonds of the same size, we always say “carat equivalent” (also known as DEW - Diamond Equivalent Carat Weight) since it’s the most representative. For more information about finding your perfect stone size contact us!

Are your hidden halo or pavé gems moissanite?

Yes! Unless you specifically upgrade to a lab-diamond hidden halo and/or lab-diamond pavé band in our “Bespoke Customization” section, the small gems will be moissanite.

Is moissanite durable for everyday wear?

Yes, moissanite ranks a 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale making it resistant against scratching + chipping and suitable for everyday wear. For more information about our Moissanite’s durability, check out our blog post The Durability of Moissanite!

How do I determine my ring’s bandwidth? 

Our bandwidths typically vary between 1.5 and 2.2mm which is determined based off of three factors:

  • Client's finger size
  • Center stone size
  • Band type (plain vs pavé)

Consult our bandwidth table below to see our thin, standard, and wide recommendations or contact us to determine the right bandwidth for you! Custom band widths are also available.

How do I determine my ring size accurately?

Here are two options to help you determine your finger size:

  • Option 1: Visit a local jeweler to have your finger measured. This is our preferred method as it ensures the highest accuracy.
  • Option 2: Order an inexpensive metal ring sizer online (available on Amazon for example).

Our ring sizes are available in full, half, and quarter size increments, so if you fall in between sizes, we can accommodate!

Can I get my ring resized?

We always recommend taking precise measurements before placing your order. This step is crucial as resizing rings significantly, up or down, can pose challenges, particularly if your ring features additional stones on the band. 

In case your ring ever requires resizing in the future, you can either resize it through us or through a local jeweler, however resizing is not covered by our warranty, and the fees would be paid out of pocket.

Can I make any changes to my order?

Yes, you can make any necessary adjustments to your design before the CAD (computer design) is approved. Please note that CAD revisions are not taken into account in the production time frame. As such, please expect an extended production timeframe if multiple revisions are requested.

Help - I have more questions!

Please consult our full list of FAQs, Resource Guides, and Blog Posts for all the answers to your questions. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us or book a consultation and we’ll be happy to assist!

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