A Guide To Moissanite Facet Patterns

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when designing your moissanite ring is choosing the right stone cut. Since there’s no right or wrong way to pick the perfect stone, it’s best to understand how each moissanite faceting pattern is unique.

We offer a variety of moissanite cuts in different stone shapes and sizes! If you’re looking for the perfect piece to match your signature sparkle, check out our helpful guide to moissanite faceting patterns.

Moissanite Facet Patterns

Moissanite Brilliant Cut

Brilliant Cut

· Large facets that reflect larger flashes of light and rainbow colour—brilliant cuts maximize the brilliance, fire, and sparkle of moissanite gemstones.

· Creates a captivating and sparkling appearance, drawing attention to the stone's unique beauty.

· Versatile and suitable for various jewelry designs, from solitaire rings to elaborate settings. Creates a captivating and sparkling appearance, drawing attention to the stone's unique beauty. 
Moissanite  Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice

· Small facets (crushed ice appearance) that reflect smaller flashes of light and colour for a bright white sparkle with subdued shine.

· Offers a timeless look, for those seeking a classic go-to cut.

· Versatile and suitable for various stone shapes + jewelry designs.

· Most diamond-like appearance.
Moissanite Modern Cut

Modern Cut

· Unique pattern of small facets that offers a beautiful soft glow.

· This cut represents a contemporary take on a classic cushion shape, traditionally cut with larger facets.

· Ideal for individuals who prefer a modern and trendy appearance in their moissanite jewelry.
Moissanite  Hybrid Cut

Hybrid Cut

· A hybrid of our most popular cuts: the Brilliant & Crushed Ice. Combines the sparkle of the brilliant cut in the centre with the subdued colour of crushed ice in the periphery.

· Offers a harmonious balance of brilliance, fire, and individuality, making the stone stand out.

· Provides a one-of-a-kind look perfect for those seeking a modern moissanite ring.
Moissanite  Antique Cut

Antique Cut

· Chunkier facets that reflect larger flashes of light and pastel colour.

· Embraces the romance and elegance of vintage styles with classic cutting techniques.

· Creates a timeless and elegant appeal, perfect for those who love vintage flair.
Moissanite  Rose Cut

Rose Cut

· Flat base with a faceted dome, resembling the petals of an opening rosebud.

· Radiates a subtle, romantic glow, exuding a delicate and enchanting charm.

· Perfect for those who appreciate vintage-inspired designs and a unique appearance.
Moissanite Hearts & Arrows (H&A)

Hearts & Arrows (H&A)

· Displays symmetrical arrows from the top and hearts from the bottom, giving the stone a stunning appearance.

· Offered in round gemstones to accentuate the sparkle of moissanite.

· Ideal for individuals who appreciate classic moissanite cuts with added sparkle.
Moissanite Old European Cut (OEC)

Old European Cut (OEC)

· Antique round cut with larger, chunkier, facets than most traditional round cut stones.

· Showcases a softer glow with pastel colours for a classic and romantic look.

· Perfect for vintage enthusiasts who want to incorporate a diamond-like sparkle into their moissanite jewelry designs.
Moissanite Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

Step cut gems have a row of facets that resemble a staircase and offer a unique glow.

· Symmetrical lines + larger facets that draw the eye to the center stone.

· Offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, perfect for those who love contemporary cuts.

· Often seen in Emerald and Hexagon shapes.
Moissanite Princess Cut

Princess Cut

· Features a square shape with small facets, that reflect smaller flashes of light and colour.

· The stone’s facets have a chevron appearance that radiates light from each corner of the gemstone.

· Classic choice of moissanite faceting pattern for a romantic appeal. 
Moissanite Facet Patterns By Shape

Moissanite Facet Patterns By Shape

When picking the perfect moissanite ring, it’s important to consider the different factors that make each cut stand out. For example, the stone’s ratio, faceting style, and shape plays a large role in the overall aesthetic of the ring. Keep scrolling to learn more about each moissanite faceting pattern by shape. 

Moissanite Facet Patterns By Shape

Oval Moissanite Facet Patterns


Cushion Moissanite Facet Patterns


Round Moissanite Facet Patterns


Pear Moissanite Facet Patterns


Emerald Moissanite Facet Patterns


Radiant Moissanite Facet Patterns


Marquise Moissanite Facet Patterns


Hexagon Moissanite Facet Patterns


Princess Moissanite Facet Patterns


Light Comparison

A stone’s cut refers to the symmetry + proportions of facets, and the way that light is reflected in the gemstone. In other words, certain cuts will radiate more or less light under different lighting conditions (such as low lighting, natural light, professional lighting, etc.) 

 We recommend considering the way your chosen cut looks in natural light to get the most accurate representation of the gemstone’s true brilliance and fire! 


Do your Stones have Bow-Ties?

No, we cut each of our stones to minimize and avoid the black/dark bowtie! The modern oval may have a slight bowtie under certain lighting conditions, however the crushed ice, brilliant and antique cuts have no bowtie effect.

What are your most diamond-like cuts?  

Our most diamond-like shapes and cuts are: Heart & Arrows (Round Brilliants), Crushed Ice (Radiant, Ovals, Pears), and Antique Cuts (OECs & OMCs.) 

 What stone cut is the most “sparkly?” 

Due to their large facets that reflect larger flashes of light and rainbow fire, brilliant cuts are our most “sparkly” option of moissanite faceting pattern. 

Are Crushed Ice Stones Cloudy? 

No, while some clients find that crushed ice cuts don’t appear as crisp as the other patterns, keep in mind they reflect light differently. Crushed ice stones have small facets, creating a more ‘crowded’ look in the sense that the light bounces back and forth from facet to facet, whereas brilliants + antiques have less refraction in the stone itself.  


Whether you’re looking to maximize your stone’s brilliance or keep it classic with a diamond-like cut, each made to order design and moissanite stone is created to reflect you. Ask our team about how to customize your own one-of-a-kind moissanite ring.