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Your Happily Ever After

One of our favorite parts about creating engagement rings is receiving client photos and reading their love stories. Behind each Zen Moissanite ring is a beautiful & unique love story that we are so grateful to be a part of. Celebrating milestones with our clients is such an honor, and is a significant source of motivation in the work that we do. We pride ourselves for working closely with our clients to provide a collaborative and stress-free experience and for bringing their vision to life (and their dream ring to their finger)! We hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials as much as we did!

Why real?

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Our Love Story
Ben and I have been together since we were 16 years old. We are high school sweet hearts and have gone through almost all of our major life events together. We graduated high school at the same time, went to each others proms, went to university together, and just bought our first family home together. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on May 24, 2023! Although many people thought we were young and naive, meeting so young and staying together so long, we are simply overjoyed to have already gotten so much extra time to be together. We are best friends and we are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

Why real?

Reason why you need a tent

The Proposal 
Ben worked very hard to plan a surprise engagement, including having a photographer there to capture the moment! He even planned a party with all our family and friends to celebrate the next day (since he was pretty sure I would say yes...). The Derecho storm that hit Ottawa on May 21st, 2022, came through right in the middle of our engagement party. Thankfully, we were able to make the most of it, moving all of the guests inside and continuing the party by candle-light as the storm passed by. Our family and friends said it made our engagement the more memorable; for Ben and I, it was another challenge we got through better together.
How did you decide on a Zen Moissanite piece? 
I knew a proposal would be coming for awhile so I had researched rings and styles I liked. I knew I wanted a Moissanite instead of a diamond and I was absolutely drawn to the elongated cushion, old mine cut rings from Zen Moissanite. They were so unique and not very many other companies offered that shape and cut of stone! I also loved that they were a local business we could support from our hometown. Ben did a wonderful job keeping the ring a secret even though I had told him the stone I liked best, and I absolutely love the setting he chose. I have gotten non-stop compliments on my ring, many people commenting that the simplicity of the band and the hidden halo just highlight the stunning and unique solitaire.

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The Jasmine (Plain Band) - Elongated Cushion

  • Amanda's ring features: 8x6mm OMC Elongated Cushion Jasmine (Plain Band) in 14K white gold.


Photographer: Ottawa Elopement Photographer 


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