Proposal Planning Guide

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Perfect Proposal

How to Propose

Remember, the most important part of planning your proposal is making it a cherished and memorable experience. You can make the moment meaningful by incorporating elements that reflect your relationship and partner’s preferences.

We’ve created a checklist of everything you’ll need for the big day!

Proposal Checklist:

  • Pick the perfect ring.
  • Decide when to propose.
  • Choose a meaningful location
  • Enlist help from professionals.
  • Practice your speech.
  • Dress to impress.
  • Plan a celebration.

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How to Propose

Next up, we’ll discuss the top things to consider when planning your proposal.

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Choose The Right Ring 

No proposal is complete without the perfect ring!

After all, it’s the biggest symbol of your love and commitment together. Which is why, we recommend researching various ring styles, metals, and gemstones to find an engagement ring that reflects your partner's unique style and preferences. 


Whether you’re looking to maximize your stone’s brilliance or keep it classic with a diamond-like cut, each made to order design and moissanite stone is created to reflect you. Ask our team about how to customize your own one-of-a-kind moissanite ring.

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Why real?

Reason why you need a tent

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Decide When to Propose

Next, you’ll want to decide when the time is right to pop the question!

Since timing plays a significant role in proposal planning, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to receive the ring and ask for a blessing if you choose to do so. Consider a specific time of day or year that holds significance to your relationship.

Pro Tip: Sunset or sunrise proposals can be breathtakingly romantic, while winter proposals might be ideal for a cozy and intimate atmosphere.  

How To Choose Your Proposal Location 

Since the location of your proposal sets the tone for the entire experience, you’ll want to choose a place that holds sentimental value. Whether it's where you first met, a favourite travel destination, or the comfort of your own home, the place you choose for your proposal should be meaningful.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead when booking reservations, travel, and a photographer. We always recommend having the ring in hand before making any concrete plans! Consider factors like weather, privacy, and accessibility when choosing your location. 

Make it Meaningful

Look for locations that hold special meaning to your relationship. You can add elements to your location like a candle-lit dinner, twinkle lights, or a proposal playlist to help set the mood.

Public or Private?

Decide whether you want a public or private proposal. You know your partner best, so you know whether they’ll prefer a public declaration of your love, or a more intimate “I do.” It’s important to choose a location where you both feel comfortable!

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Consider Hiring a Proposal Planner or Photographer

If you're planning an elaborate proposal, don't hesitate to ask for help from the professionals! Consider enlisting the assistance of friends, family members, or even a proposal planner to ensure everything runs smoothly.


They can help with logistics, decorations, and capturing the moment on camera. If this fits your budget, it’s a great way to inspire unique proposal ideas and get access to insta-worthy locations.

Plan the Perfect Proposal Speech

Although it's important for your words to come from the heart, having an idea of what you’ll say when the moment arrives can help calm your nerves during the proposal.

We recommend jotting down notes ahead of time, and rehearsing what you’ll say when you’re ready to pop the question. This could be a simple and straightforward speech, or a long list of all the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life together. Just make sure to make it meaningful!

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Proposal Attire Tips

How to dress to impress:

- Consider the location.
- Coordinate with your partner.
- Wear something sentimental.
- Keep it comfortable.

If you’re planning on taking pictures, we recommend booking your partner a manicure before the proposal to showcase their sparkling engagement ring or lay out an outfit that goes perfectly with the location. Trust us, when we say these details matter!

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Plan a Celebration  

So, now that the answer is “yes,” what’s next?

Planning a celebration after the proposal is an exciting way to share the news with friends and family. Whether you decide to pop a bottle of your favourite bubbly, or throw an extravagant party, there’s really no wrong way to celebrate your commitment together!  


Planning the perfect proposal requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and a deep understanding of your partner's preferences. Personalizing the experience, paying attention to detail, and incorporating meaningful elements, are sure to make the moment magical. Good luck on your journey to forever!

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