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The Durability of Moissanite

If you’ve landed on Zen Moissanite, you’re probably curious about the promises of the brilliant moissanite gemstone and why it’s called a “forever stone.” Since the fascinating discovery of this gemstone in 1893 by Nobel Prize Winner chemist Henri Moison, the moissanite has often been tagged as the diamond simulant due to its uncanny resemblance to a diamond. However, moissanite is indeed their very own type of gemstone, and admittedly, is the best diamond alternative due to its colorless appearance that is comparable to diamonds, its beauty, affordability, brilliance, and most importantly, its significant lasting power.

Jewelry Collectors and individuals looking for a wedding band or engagement rings worldwide have been adding this gem to their lives due to its social responsibility. These beautiful gems are conflict-free and ethically created, meticulously crafted in laboratories. Now, because these gems are priced significantly lower than the diamond, you’re probably wondering if they last or if they are worth the investment? Absolutely!  Here’s why. 

Moissanite Durability

The durability of a moissanite stone is remarkable and does not fall far from the hardness of a diamond.  For expert jewelers globally, a scale called the Mohs Scale is used to measure the hardness and scratch-resistance of a stone. The scale’s rating ranges from 1 to 10, 10 being the most durable. To give you insight into the hardness of the moissanite, the diamond, one of the hardest substances on Earth, is rated ten while the moissanite trails not far behind with a 9.25 rating. Further, its comparability to popular gemstones is unbeatable; the ruby is rated a 9, and the emeralds are an 8 on the scale. When selecting a moissanite stone to include in your collection, you won’t have to worry about its durability because this affordable luxury is made to sparkle for generations with its outstanding durability. 

Scratch and Chip Resistant 

When you make an investment expecting it to last for generations, the last thing you want is jewelry that is susceptible to chipping or breaking. The Moissanite is called a “forever stone” for a reason, and it’s used for pieces such as Moissanite Wedding Bands or Moissanite Engagement rings made for everyday wear and eternity. Due to its hardness on the Mohs Scale, the Moissanite is scratch-resistant, especially when encountering abrasive surfaces. Next to a diamond, it is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, giving you complete peace of mind and confidence when worn. At Zen Moissanite, before sending our pieces to you, our production team meticulously inspects the precious stones elements to ensure you receive the highest quality Moissanite stones. 

Eternal Brilliance

The moissanite is known for its unique brilliance with a sparkle you can’t find in many gemstones today. For jewelry lovers who love added sparkle in their lives, the moissanite’s brilliance does not disappoint. The good news is the moissanite’s impeccable brilliance won’t diminish as time passes because of its high refraction index (refraction indexes refer to a stone’s ability to bend light). For reference, the diamond’s refraction index is rated at 2.42 while the brilliant moissanite is placed at 2.65.  Whether you’re looking to dress up during occasions or exchanging your vows, the sparkle will remain through thick and through thin.

Safe Against High-Temperatures

A fascinating feature about the moissanite is its ability to hold up against heat damage. If you’re looking at moissanite for everyday wear, we want to prepare you for any obstacle life throws at you. Moissanite has superb heat-resistant properties that are superior to other stones. Because of its heat resistance, it allows designers to fully customize your stone to the unique designs of your choice, cut to your desired size without damaging the moissanite. Furthermore, when exposed to extreme temperatures such as 2000⁰F heat (a temperature higher than the equivalent intensity of a house fire), the brilliance of your stone will remain intact in pristine conditions.

When making a jewelry investment with a precious stone, it’s only natural to want a reliable piece that will stand the test of time. Regardless of its affordability, the luxurious moissanite will surpass your expectations with its high durability. You or your significant other deserve a high-quality stone that you can pass on for generations with endless brilliance and value. Every single piece you wear can tell your story and a story that doesn’t dim your light or lose its shine at that! Find the perfect piece that helps you speak volumes with Zen Moissanite. Browse our collection or create a design tailor-fit for you or your better half today.
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