Andrew & Carla Love story

Your Happily Ever After

One of our favorite parts about creating engagement rings is receiving client photos and reading their love stories. Behind each Zen Moissanite ring is a beautiful & unique love story that we are so grateful to be a part of. Celebrating milestones with our clients is such an honor, and is a significant source of motivation in the work that we do. We pride ourselves for working closely with our clients to provide a collaborative and stress-free experience and for bringing their vision to life (and their dream ring to their finger)! We hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials as much as we did!

Our Love Story

On a Saturday afternoon, July 4th 2015 to be exact. A young man was standing in the check-out line at Winners, little did I know he was letting people skip him so that he could land me as his cashier. His plan worked, as I was cashing him out we made small talk about the "Portugal" jacket he was wearing, I asked him if he was Portguese to which he responded "Yes", I finished cashing him out and he left.

I didn't think anything of it and went about my day, later that night I received a message on Twitter from a guy named "Andrew Praticante" which read "Are you the cute girl from Winners?" to which I responded with "Yes lol..Who are you?" He responds "I'm Andrew, the guy with the "Portugal" jacket". Here I was wondering how in the world he found me? Turns out he asked his brother if he knew a girl named "Carla", our town is small so there must not be that many Carla's since he knew exactly which one his brother was talking about.

We exchanged numbers and he asked me out on a coffee date. Not too much longer after that first date we went to a Drive-In and Andrew looks me in the face and says "my dad keeps asking me if we are official, so I'm just going to tell him we are?!" I responded "Is this your way of asking me out?!" to which he responds "Well..Yeah". That was the day our love began!
Andrew and Carla Love story
Andrew and Carla Love story

The Process

Zen Moissanite was a pleasure to work with, Jennifer and the team kept me in the loop about everything. They made a nerve wrecking process so smooth and comfortable. The ring is exactly what I wanted and more. Quality is second to none! Amazing!!!!!
Andrew and Carla Love story

How did you decide on a Zen Moissanite piece?

Instagram browsing brought me to the Randi model and my fiancé and I knew that we wanted to support a Canadian owned business!



The Randi - Oval Solitaire

Carla's ring features a 11x7mm (2.9ct equivalent) crushed ice oval center stone, set into our Randi ring design. Her setting is made in 14k yellow gold

Think art nail as face makeup

Our favorite thing about this whole engagement ring gig is hearing your love stories! We'd love to feature your love story, proposal details, photos, and anything else you'd like to share about your buying experience from Zen Moissanite!