Zen Moissanite Reddit Reviews

Our team at Zen Moissanite takes great pride in delivering high quality work, customer service, and rings that last a lifetime. Check out some of the reviews we have found across Reddit and Google from happy customers. Have a question? Reach out to us here or browse our Moissanite Rings for yourself.

Reddit Thread - "Do You Recommend Zen Moissanite?"

"I definitely recommend them, but them being the right choice for you depends on your budget.

I got my engagement ring through them and because of the budget we had for an engagement ring, I feel like it was money well spent. Since it’s something I will wear everyday for hopefully many years to come, I felt better about paying more for something that felt sturdy and was also exactly what I wanted.

I really wanted an OMC and theirs are beautiful. I may have been able to get a cheaper ring that is similar somewhere else, but I’m really happy with what I got and personally don’t feel like we overspent."

Reddit Thread - "Do You Recommend Zen Moissanite?"

"I love my ring I just got from them!! I actually didn’t find them to be more expensive, the price was the same as the rings I picked out from other companies! If you’re in the states friendly reminder that their prices are listed in CAD, so you have to convert to USD."

Reddit Thread - "My Ring from Zen Moissanite"

"This is “The Blair,” a three-stone oval with half-moon accent stones. I opted for the 3.2 ct total weight (3x2 mm half moon, 9x6 mm oval, 3x2 mm half moon). Cut: oval brilliant Clarity: VVS Color: colorless (EF) Communication with Jennifer was excellent, though it did take approximately 2 more weeks than the expected timeline, which was a comment I saw pretty consistently. It was absolutely worth the wait! I couldn’t be happier with the result."