Cleaning & Care Guide FOr MOISSAniTE & GOLD JEWELRY

Jewelry Maintenance

Maintaining your moissanite jewelry is like maintaining any important relationship. It requires proper love and attention to make your investment worthwhile. Although these durable gemstones are strong enough to withstand daily wear, providing adequate cleaning and care to your fine jewelry will make sure your love goes a long way. We’ve put together a guide with some helpful tips on how to take care of your moissanite gemstone and gold jewelry to keep it looking just as radiant as the first day you received it!

Daily Care

Say it with us— daily wear requires daily care!

Just like any other jewelry, it is normal for oils and lotions to build up on the surface of your ring. We suggest washing your jewelry regularly at home and getting it professionally cleaned once a year. It’s a good idea to store your moissanite in a separate space or lined jewelry box to avoid any damages. Remember to remove your ring when engaging in physical activity and manual labor. You can keep it on when washing your hands throughout the day (although you should take it off when using hand sanitizer), but should take it off while sleeping, exercising, showering, swimming, and even applying cosmetics.

Now, let’s make your ring look so good you’ll never want to take it off (even though we know you have to!). Follow these simple steps on how to clean your moissanite jewelry from home.

Step by step routine cleanings













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Step By Step Routine ring Cleanings
Jewelry Cleaner Recommendations

Jewelry Cleaner Recommendations 

When your moissanite ring is due for a deeper clean, we recommend using jewelry cleaners (as needed). Any diamond and gold jewelry cleaner will do, so pick your favourite brand! Remember to stay away from any harsh chemicals that may corrode the metal in the ring’s setting.

Here’s a few suggestions:

For a deeper clean, we recommend using Wright’s Silver Cream to remove any oil and dirt build-up. Apply the product to the surface of your moissanite stone using a clean cloth and rub gently. You may need to leave it on for a bit and scrub with a soft toothbrush until the build-up is gone (this may require some elbow grease depending on how much is stuck on there). Rinse and repeat if necessary! Once your moissanite is thoroughly rinsed and no cloudiness remains on the surface, you can dry your ring off and buff it with a clean cloth. Always clean and polish your ring with extra care around the prongs to prevent movement and stones falling out.

Alternatively, we recommend polishing your moissanite jewelry with a liquid like Weiman’s Jewelry Cleaner by soaking the jewelry for up to 30 minutes. Rinse, dry, and buff with a soft clean cloth to shine!
Jewelry Cleaner home cleaning

Home Cleaning

Bring it back to the basics. You should complete a weekly home cleaning routine to keep your moissanite jewelry sparkling at its finest. Soak your moissanite jewelry in warm water for 10 minutes with gentle dish soap. Grab a soft toothbrush and gently scrub those hard-to-reach areas (while being cautious around the prongs). Once your jewelry is looking its best, you can rinse it off and leave it to dry.
Moissanite Oil Slick

Moissanite Oil Slick

Since moissanite is made of silicon carbide, it does a great job at repelling oil and dirt from sticking to the stone’s surface unlike diamonds (with a pure carbon composition), which naturally attract oil and grease. This means that your jewelry will stay clean and brilliant longer! That being said, like any other gemstone exposed to daily activities, it will eventually get dirty and possibly encounter what we call a moissanite “oil slick.”

Oil slicks vary in size and have a greasy rainbow appearance (similar to the iridescent effect of gasoline on water). These rainbow coloured stains occur naturally due to contact with harsh chemicals, lotions or oils or most commonly due to daily build-up.

The good news? Oil slicks can be easily prevented with routine cleanings and can be brushed and buffed away with polishing cream.

Although it’s a great way to prevent build-up, routine cleanings won’t provide bulletproof protection against oil slicks. If you notice an oil slick building on the surface of your moissanite, we encourage you to clean it as soon as possible to avoid it getting bigger and more noticeable. Using a polishing cream like Wright’s Silver Cream will bring the moissanite’s brilliance back to life. If you notice that a product (hand sanitizer, cleaning product, hair product, etc.) is causing an oil slick, we recommend you remove your ring when using it in the future.

Professional Cleaning & Inspections 

In addition to maintaining a regular home cleaning routine, we recommend you get your moissanite jewelry cleaned once a year to maintain the stone’s fiery brilliance. 

We offer complimentary professional cleaning with every Zen Moissanite purchase. Clients are only responsible for coordinating shipping & associated fees to and from Zen Moissanite. Our professional cleaning services can take up to 4 weeks to have the ring back to you in pristine condition (shipping timeframes may vary). Please contact us to submit your request and to fill out our Return Form. 

Alternatively, you can opt to get your Zen Moissanite purchase cleaned at a local jeweler. This will not void your Zen Moissanite Warranty

If you notice any stone movement or the band warping over time or after one unlucky instance, we recommend you get a personal inspection and stop wearing your ring until you can get it repaired. Providing inspections and repairs on your moissanite ring is just as important as routine cleanings. Since gold is a malleable material, it is common for the ring’s prongs to be retightened and band to need straightening over time. 

We recommend you complete bi-annual inspections on your moissanite jewelry to preserve its lasting impact for years to come. Please contact us if you require any repairs or maintenance on your Zen Moissanite purchase and we will provide a quote based on the work required.

Jewelry Insurance 

Since moissanite is a precious investment, you should protect it against loss, theft, and any incidental damage by getting jewelry insurance. This can be done through your homeowner’s policy or through a jewelry insurance company such as Jewelers Mutual. Insuring your jewelry will help reduce the stress and anxiety you may face after losing an investment. 

We know replacing something sentimental is never easy, but jewelry insurance can help protect you from losing the value of your piece. Although each Zen Moissanite purchase comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, your purchase is not protected against loss, theft, and incidental damage. That’s why we included this tip to help prepare you for whatever comes your way.


The last thing we want is your sparkle to dull over time! Following a proper cleaning and care practice will protect your jewelry against substances and activities that could be harmful to your moissanite. Regular home routines, professional cleaning, and bi-annual inspections will maintain the stone’s appearance and preserve the metals in the band’s setting. Since moissanite jewelry is a lifetime investment, it should shine with you for years to come. If you have questions or concerns about cleaning your Zen Moissanite jewelry, contact us for more information on how to keep your fine jewelry looking its brightest!