5 Steps For Planning The Perfect Proposal

Ready to put a ring on it, but not sure how to make the moment feel memorable?

Now that you’ve found the partner you’ll love for a lifetime, it’s time to plan a proposal they’ll never forget. To make sure your special moment sparkles–we’ve created 5 steps for planning the perfect proposal.

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Ready to put a ring on it, but not sure how to make the moment feel memorable? do and don't

How to Plan a Proposal

Here are 5 things to consider before popping the question.

How to Plan a Proposal

Have a Plan


Have a Plan

Whether you’ve been waiting years to pop the question, or are still a nuptial newbie, planning ahead for your proposal will make the moment that much more special.

This means, you should know what you’ll say when you’re down on one knee and decide if you’ll ask for a blessing. Not only should you have an idea of what you’ll say when the moment arrives, but you should decide when you want to propose. It’s important to give yourself time to shop for the ring, and plan details, so you don’t feel rushed during the proposal. Being prepared for your big day will help you and your partner make it to matrimony.
Buy the Ring


Buy the Ring

Now that you’ve found the perfect partner—it’s time to pick the perfect ring! Since your significant other will wear their ring daily, it’s best to choose a design you know they’ll love. If you’re totally lost on where to start, you can drop subtle hints, check out their Pinterest board, or enlist a friend or family member to help you narrow down options. Much like planning the perfect proposal, there are multiple variables to consider when shopping for your engagement ring. For this reason, we’ve included industry tips that’ll help you in your search for “the one.” 

Things To Consider When Shopping for Your Engagement Ring: 

 - Partner’s Finger Size 
 - Lifestyle & Level of Maintenance 
-  Production Timeline 
-  Stone Size, Cut, and Shape 
-  Budget 

 Ready to start your search? Talk to a Zen Moissanite expert about designing your dream ring.
Keep it Personal


Keep it Personal

No one knows your love better than you! That’s why it’s important to consider the type of proposal your partner would love. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out to make your moment feel special. Choosing a sentimental location, or planning a weekend away, could be exactly what it takes to make your moment "Yes" worthy. Whether it’s a romantic gesture, or intimate gathering, considering your partner’s preferences is the best way to personalize your proposal.
Capture the moment


Capture the moment

What better way to relive your precious moment than capturing it on camera? Hiring a photographer to document your proposal will make sure you can look back on the occasion for years to come. If you’d rather no one present for your special moment, set up your phone in a secret location and press record. We know a picture says a thousand words—but hiring a photographer for your proposal will make it that much sweeter when the answer is “yes.”
Plan a Celebration


Plan a Celebration

You did it! You’re officially engaged and now it’s time to celebrate. Whether you go all out with a bridal bash, or plan a small gathering of family and friends, celebrating your proposal is a great way to make the moment unforgettable. 

Pro tip 
Download a proposal playlist, book a table at your favourite restaurant, or light some candles if you think your partner would prefer a one-on-one celebration.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re ready to pull off the perfect proposal—it’s your time to shine! Keep in mind that the best proposals are always personal and reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. The team at Zen Moissanite knows that personalizing details of your special moments makes them unforgettable. Contact us to learn more about how to customize a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.