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Bands - Zen Moissanite


We’re committed to crafting meaningful and personalized wedding bands made to last a lifetime to symbolize your expression of love as you embark on this new journey together.

Our Moissanite Wedding Rings

Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” hasn’t met its long-lost counterpart, the stunning and ethically lab-created gem: Moissanite.

Get a forever ring that combines timeless beauty and everyday comfort.

We carefully craft pieces inspired by your eternal love story. Our designs are customized to your liking with minimal environmental impact at a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond.

Moissanite is changing the traditional wedding ring industry; these gems are ethically and sustainably made with love.  Conscientious customers can confidently purchase and wear their Moissanite wedding band with complete transparency and peace of mind when it comes to the crafting process.

When it comes to our company values, we strive for longevity, quality, and ethical practices. These reflective elements are of the utmost importance to our brand and our clients.

Our designs are intricately crafted from proposal to altar to help you write your love story. We value the beauty of inclusivity, unique tastes, and preferences; our brand has a plethora of ring designs for you to choose from or custom-made designs that are tailor-fit for your significant other.

Every relationship and type of love is unique; your ring shouldn’t be any different.

Pavé Wedding Bands: Pavé (pronounced Pah-Veh), French for "pavement,” refers to the style of gems laid out closely and beautifully next to each other, resulting in an eye-catching but subtle line formation of continuous sparkle.

Pointed Wedding Bands: Pointed wedding bands give your traditional wedding ring a unique and modern twist. Elevating the look of your wedding ring when paired or stacked with an engagement ring. The pointed wedding band is also known as the “chevron” or “wishbone” design. For many, the “wishbone” symbolizes long-lasting luck.

Eternity Wedding Bands: For infinite love, the eternity wedding band style features a beautiful array of gemstones looped around your ring finger. Stunning from every angle, the wearer can twist and turn the band without losing sight of its brilliance.

Earrings - Zen Moissanite


Our moissanite earring collection is made to compliment your personal style. Find the perfect pair to enhance and elevate your look on any occasion, with timeless pieces perfect for everyday comfort or special events. Each pair is symmetrically matched, designed to fit comfortably on each ear without weighing it down.

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Round studs: These delicately shaped pieces are perfect for everyday wear, adding subtle elegance and comfort, made to suit any lifestyle. Regardless of the occasion, round-shaped studs can tie together any outfit ensemble, giving you a sophisticated and timeless look.

Asscher studs:  The beauty of Asscher cut pieces is their ability to emphasize the depth and clarity of the stunning Moissanite gem. Our Asscher cut studs offer a sophisticated twist to a modern earring such as the stud, with its step-cut faceting, which is truly timeless.

Cushion cut studs: This classic style has been around for centuries, perfect for the old-soul and vintage-lover. Combining the traditional square with its rounded corners, resembling a pillow (hence its name), cushion-cut moissanite creates a distinctive look that accentuates the gem’s brilliance.

Old European Cut (OEC) studs: A common style in the 1800s, the art-deco period, this eye-catching cut is recognizable by the small circles of the gem. Perfect for dressing up more minimal pieces in your wardrobe for special events and occasions, giving you a modern meets traditional look.

The Jasmine - Oval

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Jasmine - Emerald & Pavé Band Set

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The Harley - Oval


The Diana - Oval Lab-Sapphire Band


The beauty of the striking moissanite gem is its versatility, and the stone isn’t limited to engagement rings or wedding bands.

We craft essential everyday jewelry that embodies confidence and subtle elegance, where traditional designs and modern style coexists. No matter the lifestyle, our designs are inclusive to any wearer. 

From minimal designs to head-turning statement pieces, our lifestyle collection can confidently dress up any outfit.

Though small, the jewelry you wear should be impactful, making a difference in how you look and feel; that’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards for craftsmanship and quality, giving you pieces you can wear time and time again.

Loose Stones - Zen Moissanite

Loose Stones

Our loose stones are conflict-free and lab-created, meticulously made with intricate and refined craftsmanship. Loose moissanite stones share the captivating beauty of a diamond without having to break the bank. 

The loose stone collection features various styles, cuts, and sizes to suit your unique preference.

Our Moissanite Loose Stones

Do you have a specific design in mind? Have it custom-cut and made, giving you longevity and quality to last a lifetime.

Personalized and customer-forward consultations with one of our experts help you make the decision process seamless. You will have complete transparency and control of the loose gem of your choice. Our jewel experts will showcase the gem you've envisioned to match its setting, completely custom-made in shape, dimension, and size.

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Rings - Zen Moissanite


Forever has a nice ring to it.

The perfect ring should accompany your special moment. Our mission is to elevate the picture-perfect moment with a ring that makes a lasting impression. Browse through our ethically-made moissanite engagement designs.

Our Moissanite Engagement Rings

Our designs are made to suit any lifestyle, from classic vintage romance to modern-day sophistication. Each of our designs is carefully crafted to suit the preferences of your significant other. With the perfect cut, clarity, and brilliance, these Moissanite engagement rings are made to make a statement and compliment your future wedding band - made to last a lifetime of commitment and unity.

At Zen Moissanite, we make the decision process seamless and stress-free so you can focus on planning and asking the important question. Do you have your dream ring already in mind? From discovery to execution, our custom-design service gives you complete control of your ring's overall aesthetic. From minimal to statement bands, we ensure you'll find the perfect piece to top off the answer to your big question.